Why You Should Switch to Gentle Facial Cleanser? | Hollaface Refreshing Facial Cleanser

Why You Should Switch to Gentle Facial Cleanser? | Hollaface Refreshing Facial Cleanser

What is Gentle Facial Cleanser
Gentle facial cleanser as it name suggests is a type of face cleanser that gently wash ones face without overworking or overstripping the skin’s natural protectives sebum.

Characteristics of Gentle Facial Cleanser
1. Less foam
2. will not leave skin feeling tight & dry
3. Ingredients formulation free from stripping ingredients
4. Has neutral to low pH

Why do i need a gentle facial cleanser
A gentle facial cleanser not only keeps your skin clean but it also protects the integrity of your skin barrier which other cleansers might overlook. This helps your skin to stay clean without getting that dry and tight sensation which is a clear sign that your skin barrier might’ve been compromised. This often time happens when cleansers contain ingredients that are too harsh on the skin causing the protective sebum which is an oil our skin produce to be overstripped. this leaves the skin bare and unprotected, making easily sensitised and dry.

How do gentle facial cleaner work?
This type of cleanser work by removing excess oil and dirt from the skin to keep it clear from congestion without being too harsh and overstrip the skin’s natural protective barrier which is key to healthy skin.

3 Tips on How to Choose the right gentle facial cleanser for you
i) avoid cleanser with sulfates (SLS/SLES)
ii) avoid cleanser that emphasize on heavy foaming
iii) find cleanser with nourishing and hydrating ingredients (HA + ANTIOXIDANTS)

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Benefits of Hollaface Refreshing Facial Cleanser:
1) cleanse the skin without making it tight or dry due to sulfate-free and low-foam formula
2) rich in skin-softening antioxidants to fight free radicals and soften skin texture
3) leaves the skin feeling fresh and hydrated
4) formulated to be gentle for daily use on all skin types